Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oracle's January CPU update

Hi all!
Thought I'd share a potential problem solver for the latest Jan CPU patch for Oracle. If you're running Solaris 10, the patch could possibly fail because Solaris 10 adds "a few bytes"to the size of the objects and opatch bombs during the validation phase.

Two ways to solve this... upgrade your opatch version to (or better) or Set the environment variable OPATCH_SKIP_VERIFY=TRUE before you start. Personally I'd opt to go get the latest version of OPatch Patch 4898608 (considering Oracle just updated it 14-feb-2007)

Check out note:397342.1 for further details.

Yeah, I know it's March already I don't want to hear it...


Anonymous said...

The big problem that I run into for hpux environments is that when oracle puts changes into opatch they sometimes cause problems in hpux environments. Or in other words potentially oracle misses comprehensive testing when opatch fixes come out.

Jeff Hunter said...

Why not just wait for the April CPU?