Monday, May 14, 2007


One thing that Statcounter provides me is how often certain keywords are found in my blog. Some of the more popular are:
  • ORA-27054: I assume this is by people trying to backup using RMAN over NFS. I hope they found my problem and most importantly, my solution.
  • Some combination of DB Links and ORA-01017: I'm sure people found my distributed issues with 9i and 10g working together. But that's not always the issue. If you are using what I call "unauthenticated" database links (no password in the definition) then the user authentication on both the source and remote database need to be the same. If we're talking an OS Authenticated user, then that user has to be OS Authenticated on both. If it's a regular db user, the passwords have to match.
  • Lots of people looking for some varient of backup and methodology. I hope they found lots of info in the Backup Top 11, but I don't think I've ever described my backup methodology for Oracle. Maybe in a blog post in the future.
  • I get lots of hits on the Quick and Dirty Backup for MySQL. Seems like a lot of people are looking for an easy solution to MySQL without having to fork over some cash for backup software.
  • I also get lots of hits on The MySQL to an Oracle DBA series, but not too many through keyword searches.
  • For the guy who's searching "mysql php round differently", I'd look at your datatype in the database to make sure you're using the proper number type.
  • Looking for information on "_db_writer_flush_imu"? Better know what you're doing.
  • Oh, and the person looking for "ingres porn server"...good luck on that.


Steve said...
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Steve said...

ingres exgres, ingres exgres...