Friday, November 02, 2007

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

You may have noticed that my blog postings have been pretty sparse lately. I get that way when I have to work on Oracle Applications. Whenever I am doing an Apps project I end up having to read about 2000 pages of documentation that point to another 100 documents on Metalink. Not much to blog about there.

By the time I am done reading, the whole process is so utterly complex that I end up putting my own process together and pulling the parts relavent to my installation into a single document.

So I've been working on my master document for about two weeks now and I'm finally ready to install a fresh version of R12 on my pre-test box. Now, I fully expect something to crash and burn in this environment and I'll have to wipe it out and start over in a couple days.

I fired up the installer and right away it encountered a java exception; "java.lang.NullPointerException".

Hmm, maybe I have the CD's staged in the wrong location. So I take another two hours and restage the CDs.

"java.lang.NullPointerException" again.

So I check my DISPLAY and make sure I can start xclock. No problem.

Then I look on Metalink and sure enough, I ran into a bug. The install software that shipped has a bug in it. Good old bug 5972626.

Did anyone even test this stuff before it went on CD? It's bad enough that my standard 10gR2 install has 23 patches applied, but a bug so it doesn't even install?

Why am I surprised?


Alex Gorbachev said...

In the spring, we installed 12i on Linux and had no such problem. We picked distribution through e-delivery.

But I would normally agree with you on general state of Apps bugs according to my short experience with that stuff. :)

Noons said...

oh man, I can so relate to this!

Just out of three months of app hell, upgrading peopletools.
Which broke our, had to be patched.
The patches then broke the optimizer, had to upgrade to
Only to find out install/upgrade jre from this one dies on aix so had to use ibm jre.
Then patch again to bring 0.3 to a stable level.
Then more parameters to fix optimiser.
but I repeat myself!

I'm with you 100% here: does ANYONE even TEST these things before they are out the door?
As in: install in a fresh system?
Not an install in boxes fixed by prior installs?

Anonymous said...

It sure seems like the qa process ( supposed to be quality assurance ) has had both wheels come off inside our favorite software vendor. Is oracle management not understanding that things are broken here?

Joel Garry said...

This isn't anything new... only the size of the stack is taller.

Word: vfufmqbv