Thursday, April 10, 2008

RMAN-08137 Followup

Before I got a chance to apply my patch, my problem fixed itself! Well, maybe not fixed itself, but certainly went away.

As I was reviewing my backup log from last night, I noticed that my RMAN-08137 error was gone. I didn't do anything different nor did I change anything. In fact, yesterday's backup had the same ORA-08137 error just as I had on the last 12 days.

So what was different? My control_file_record_keep_time was set to 1, so any record of my archived log would surely be gone way before now, right?

No, the control_file_record_keep_time parameter specifies the minimum number of days the recyclable data will stay in the controlfile, not an absolute limit. Sure enough, although my control_file_record_keep_time was set to 1, the latest log from my v$archived_log was from 12 days ago. All the records from the day I had a problem were gone.

Theoretically, I guess I could have switch my logfile a couple thousand times after a day and that would have cleared the issue up.

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Roman said...

Jeff - are you doing
sql 'alter system archive log current'; in your backup job? I think if the new logs are being created after the rman job started and RMAN is backing them up but not sure of their status at the DR site.

Having the same issue.
Found this on ML. Not sure if this is a solution.

backup ARCHIVELOG UNTIL TIME 'date' not backed up 1 times to device type sbt;
delete archivelog until time 'date' backed up 1 times to device type sbt;