Friday, January 29, 2010

Metalink Out?

Yes, Metalink is down.  It's been down for over an hour.  I was told "No ETA, but we're hoping by noon."

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Patrick said...

plan outage...fri 29/sat

We encourage you to plan accordingly and to download any information that you may need ahead of time. Please write down your Support Identifier so that you will have it available if you need to call. For urgent issues during the outage, please call your local Oracle Support center. Phone numbers globally may be found on the Oracle Global Customer Support Contacts Directory.
Service Request Outage - Other Features Available via HTML
Scheduled Start Friday January 29, 2010 / Saturday January 30, 2010
San Francisco Friday 9:00 PM Pacific
Orlando Friday/Saturday 12:00 Midnight
London Saturday 5:00 AM
Paris Saturday 6:00 AM
Bangalore Saturday 10:30 AM
Tokyo Saturday 2:00 PM
GMT/UTC Saturday 5:00 AM
Duration: 3 Hours