Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Most Ridiculous Password

I encountered a website yesterday that required a complex password.  It's password rules were:

  • at least 9 characters
  • must include a capitol letter
  • must include three digits
  • must not repeat a letter, but can repeat a number
  • must include one "special" character above a number [!@#$%^&*()]
  • can not include "special" characters that is not above a number
  • can not start with a capitol letter
  • can not start with a number

I am glad they have a "password reset" link.


Marcel-Jan Krijgsman said...

Common rule in password complexity: must include a special character, but not that one.

Joel Garry said...

I think OTN is more ridiculous.

word: boomi

Jeff Hunter said...

LOL, that OTN one is good!