Thursday, May 19, 2005

Moving Day

Today is moving day. You don't realize how fast technology in the home has changed until you have to pack and move it! When we moved to our current house five years ago my wife and I shared a Dell 133 Mhz Windows 2000 box with 128M of RAM. I just upgraded to a 56K modem and had two phone lines installed so I could always get on the internet.

I spent the past two evenings packing my Sun Sparc 5, 2Ghz Linux Dell box, my Wife's 2.4Ghz Windows 2000 box, her Dell Lattitude, two Dell UltraSharp flat panel monitors, and a 17" Trinitron (from the Dell 133, no less). I am waiting for the last day to tear down the Linksys WAP, Router, cable modem, and my laptop just in case I need to "dial-in" to work.

The Dell 133 has since moved on to Mom & Dad's to help them discover the "new" world of the internet. When we move again in 364 days, the Sparc 5 and Trinitron will probably find themselves in the dumpster. Just more casualties in the grand technology upgrade.


Peter K said...

I still got a 256Kb Gandalf modem, a monochrome 14" monitor, the old clunky Motorola cellphone and a Palm VII sitting in storage boxes in my garage :D

Will have to spend some time this summer to clear out the garage (over 14 yrs of stuff) so that we can fit the cars in. Ain't technology great? Think about it, we now can have a 60Gb drive containing thousands of MP3 format songs in our back pocket!

Jeff Hunter said...

I wonder how long it will be until we have 60G of RAM on the typical PC. I suspect LongHorn will get us close...