Thursday, August 25, 2005

Anything But Windows Revolution

So much for the Linux revolution. Only 4% of my readers use Linux as their desktop of choice (me, counting as 1%). That only slightly beats out MacOS X. How depressing.


Scott P. said...

Don't give up too much hope. Oracle is , primarily, a corporate application. In the corporate world, Windows is still the only thing on the desktop. I would expect that many more of your readers use Linux on their own PC (I know I do). As well, I would expect a much higher percentage of the Oracle servers that your readers use are hosted on linux machines.

Ray said...

I am running SUSE 9.3 on my laptop and use VMWARE 5 to have access to XP.
Although everything works fine, I found that the whole DVD, and music arena is bit of a hit/miss event.
I am running RH4/RAC at home with ASM and that has been fine.
I have moments I like to go back to XP, but force myself to get a decent Linux desktop experience so I can make a valued decision. SUSE 9.3 has been very good on my Dell 8500 laptop. So sofar so good , but as I said before it still has a lot of very rough edges.

Howard J. Rogers said...

The day Linux gets hardware support (drivers, for example) anywhere near what XP gets, that'll be the day your Linux numbers soar.

I've made serious attempts to switch to Linux at home several times in the past two years... I even manage to make it stick for weeks on end... but something always comes a-cropper. Case in point: Netgear 54g Wireless PCI adapter, purchased a couple of weeks ago. Check it out on the Net: with Ndiswrapper, it might work, provided I check the serial number and determine the chipset. But not in Fedora Core 4 64-bit. Or 32-bit come to that.

Alternatively, I can install it into an XP box, insert CD, and have it working in about 3 minutes flat.

The hardware manufacturers may be to blame, but its this sort of thing which means Linux is a minority sport, I think.

Jeff Hunter said...

Yeah, I can agree with that. I've got RH9 running on an older box as my home system and even upgrading the video card became a real nightmare with twiddling X settings and such. I specifically bought a card that was Linux friendly and it took me a couple nights before everything was working fine.

Peter K said...

I would be one of the Windows users, :D

Been trying to get to Linux but it is tough moving away from one where I have a lot of the software already installed plus the current machine is shared amongst the various family members.