Friday, August 19, 2005

A New High

$2.899/gal this morning for gas. Over $33 to fill the Honda.


Robert Vollman said...

Average price in Canada is 1.045/L.

That's 0.86 US$/L
(And 0.71 EUR/L)

That's 3.25 US$/Gallon.

Here in Calgary it's lower than the Canadian average, about .989/L, which is about 3.07 US$/Gallon.

Of course, I only drive about 4000km/year (2500 miles/year), so the higher prices don't affect me much.

Michael Dinh said...

It's not the price of gas that hurts.

It's how much you drive on a daily basis.

At 100 miles a day, I am probably better off staying at home.

Furthermore, gas price is predicted to be $5/gal this time next year.

Tarry said...

It's killing us here. We're going to france on vacation next week and on the road you end up paying (on an avarage) 20 euro cents more(than if you had to pump locally).

Jeff Hunter said...

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Tim... said...

Count yourself lucky. I'm paying between 89 and 90 pence per litre, depending on the exchand rate that's about 1.8 times what you guys are paying. The tax on fuel in the UK is massive!

Jeff: I guess you need to ditch the Honda and get yourself a peddle bike :)

Jeff Hunter said...

tim... said... I guess you need to ditch the Honda and get yourself a peddle bike :)
I'm thinking a different kind of bike

Noons said...

"I'm thinking a different kind of bike"

Yeah! OCC rocks!