Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Problem Solved

Thanks to a tip by HJR, my .pdf problems have been solved. I've downloaded Foxit Reader and installed it on all my Windoz machines to take the place of Acrobat Reader 7.0. All my .pdf files now display correctly and print correctly. Thanks Howard.


adewri said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this information.



Noons said...

Ironic, isn't it? A third party company produces a simpler and better product.

Says a lot for simpler software, doesn't it?

Jeff Hunter said...

Says a lot for simpler software, doesn't it?

Indeed. KISS. Maybe some other unnamed companies will stop bloating their products to be all things to all people and concentrate on making them unbreakable. Maybe not.

My word: ifkoe - an island east of Bora Bora.

Howard J. Rogers said...

Glad it came in useful.

Oddly enough, when I provided the tip, I was feeling pretty smug, because I was still using the full Acrobat 5 program.

But guess what: its distiller printer thing won't work with my new Office 2003. I don't know whether that's just me or a feature, but it's not just the odd glitch, but a permanent problem.

So I ended up breaking good old foxit out again myself (and primoPDF as the freebie PDF *producer* -available from www.primopdf.com, oddly enough). Both work just fine, and Acrobat has been de-installed accordingly.

Best regards