Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thanks Howard, Part II

I use statcounter to keep track of my blog's visitors. No, I don't use it for ads or anything like that, but still, I like to know who is reading the blog and how they got here.

A couple of weeks ago, Howard J. Rogers added my blog to the links section of The Dizwell Blog and I started getting a lot of referring links. Sometimes when I post an entry about MySQL, I'll get a spike from Planet MySQL and other related sites. Over the last few days, The Dizwell Blog has taken the top spot and I'm starting to get referrals from other sites I never knew about. In fact, I've found a couple blogs that are interesting that I'll be modifying my own links section in the near future to replace some of the blogs that don't get updated on a regular basis.

So, thanks to Howard and others to helping me get recognized and thanks to the readers. Keep on blogging.

This is the second time HJR has helped me out in the last couple weeks.


Pete_S said...

I use Statcounter too - just the free last 100 hits version.

It's good to see where the traffic comes from - the odd spike when someone links a blog article, the background level of hits from a "links" sidebar.

For a while Tom Kyte was the top referer but since his last blog redesign that traffic has dropped, but not the number of readers - they just arrive a different way.

Mike Hillyer said...

Yeah, I thought I would add you to PlanetMySQL as your posts on MySQL are good reads.

Howard J. Rogers said...

You're welcome!

You got linked to because I like your stuff, even the MySQL stuff!

One problem with my new Opera-based blog: I can't implement StatCounter on it.

For the Dizwell main site, I use the server's built-in Webalizer and Analog statistics: no need for Statcounter there, in other words.