Monday, May 22, 2006

Metalink Login

Oracle must have done a lot of testing of their Metalink conversion scheduled this past weekend, right? After all, I received no less than three emails outlining what was happening the weekend of May 19th. On Saturday, May 20th I decided to see if any work had been done on my TARs, so I decided to try and login. I tried several times and received a "page not found" every time so I decided they weren't done yet.

I went to metalink yesterday and the login page had changed, so I figured they were done, right? Tried logging in with my email and current password and received this lovely message:

Tried again, same thing. So I figured maybe I should change my password. I clicked on the "forgot password" link and in a couple minutes I had a new password. Tried that password and still no luck.

Now it's Monday morning and I've tried the old password, new password, and I even got another new password. Now I'm trying to login and my browser is just waiting for

Maybe they forgot to apply pre-requisite patch 1456677 to patch 18277266 which is specified as a prerequisite for 88277266. I supposed they've already tried logging a TAR, but I guess metalink was down.

Welcome to the customer's view of Oracle.

Called Oracle Support, had to wait 33 minutes until I got to talk to a human. "Yes, we know metalink is down. There is no ETA at this point."


Alex Gorbachev said...

As usual Metalink QA does it's best. I would be surprised so see anything else but this slack service. Took 3 hours to update sev 1 SR today.

Doug Burns said...

Useless, isn't it? I had the sense to change my account over the weekend, knowing today would be chaotic, but still haven't been able to log in. Not a good advert for Oracle.

Jeff Hunter said...

15:22 EST, still unable to login.

Anonymous said...

Works flawlessly for me.
When you convert to email address, there should have been an email sent to you with temporary password. Cannot change your password without it.