Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Typical Greenwich

It was raining on my way to work this morning. Not a driving rain, but heavy enough that the wipers were on. I was stopped at a red light and directly across the intersection from me was a new black Bently.

To my right was an old couple waiting to cross the street. It would be a coin flip whether they were around for the first world war or not. He was in his London Fog jacket and a hat complete with old time galoshes. She looked like she just got off a fishing boat with a yellow slicker and buckle up rubber boots. Both used canes to shuffle along, and he held out his arm for her to hold as they stood waiting. The crossing signal turned to "WALK" and they started their journey across the street.

On this particular corner, the crossing signal counts down to indicate how many seconds you have left. When the signal read 10, they were just in front of my car.

"They're never going to make it", I thought to myself.

Time expired and they just cleared my lane.

My light turned green and I since I was turning left, I had to wait for the Bently to come through anyway. The Bently starts coming through the intersection and stops short when he sees the old couple crossing the street. Then he throws his hands up in disgust and BLOWS THE HORN at them.

The couple stops for a short second, the old man shoots the Bently driver a cold look, and they continue on their way. The Bently driver's mother must be proud.


Noons said...

Here is hoping the Bently driver gets old. Reeeeeeeeally old. And still able to walk, very slowly.
For a long time.

That'll teach him.

Jeff Hunter said...

Yeah, a real winner, eh?