Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Alan Turing

The father of modern Computer Science would be 94 today if he didn't commit suicide at 42.


DaPi said...

I'm so pleased that someone remembered.

Mention his name to most people I've worked with in the last 25 years and all I've got is a blank stare.

Perhaps future interview questions might involve identifying at least one name out of: Turing, Knuth, von Neumann, Codd, Shannon or Dijkstra.

Anonymous said...

I am familiar with at least some of the contributions of all of the people on your list except Shannon. Help me out here ... give some clues!

Anonymous said...

Ok looks like dapi was talking about "claude shannon".

Anonymous said...

I've wondered lately if the general devolution in expression brought on by modern communication modes will make the turing test easier to pass.

Anonymous said...

Whip it ... whip it good!

Devo rocks.

Joel Garry said...

One of the coolest things I ever saw was Devo at a small club in Orange County, CA. They had a 16MM sound projector showing their original films. The Purple Haze one was classic! Everyone quickly grabbed their beers out of the way as Mothersbaugh came dancing up the table playing guitar.

Devo rocks!

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