Wednesday, August 30, 2006


October 1997 was the last time I took more than a week off for vacation. At that time, I was somewhere south of Summerlands watching Ferry Penguins come ashore at dusk. Anybody (except HJR) know where I was?

Anyway, the moons have aligned and I am taking off to a remote spot in the South Pacific for two weeks and a little R&R. No cell phone, no laptop. I'm not even sure about TV. Since I won't have connectivity for a while, I've invited a few people to be "Guest Bloggers" to fill in while I am away. I know the readers will get a new perspective, and I hope the guest bloggers have a little fun.

Joey Vayo
Actually, this is all Joey's idea. He came up with the idea of "guest blogger" a little while ago and I thought it was a good one. Of course, he was the first one I asked. He's been a regular on for years and always gives helpful advice.

Steve Prior
Steve's brainchild is Although he is a developer by trade (boo, hiss), I think he is a tinkerer by heart. A usual conversation with Steve might start out with "I am looking for ODBC drivers for a PROLOG engine that I am building into my smart-home system to automatically flush a toilet..."

Brian Byrd

Another regular, Brian is a master at making SQL more efficient both from a coding perspective and from the perspective of the database. While Brian and I don't always agree, I certainly respect his knowledge and ability to think about problems using a different approach.

Jeffrey M. Hunter
OK everybody, there is more than one Jeff Hunter in the Oracle world. I usually differentiate us by saying he's the guy with the RAC Paper and I'm the guy with the blog. Someday we're going to run off and create our own consulting company, but until then, I'm sure Jeffrey will check-in with some very exciting information.

David Pittuck
Last, but not least, we have the world renowned DaPi. David likes to be know as the "Old Cranky Philosopher", but is quite enlightened in the world of IT. (He’s also proud of the fact he has a NerdScore of 93). You can check him out at

A big thanks to my guest bloggers. I hope you guys have as much fun blogging as I do.

Regularly scheduled programming resumes around September 18th. Take it away guys...


Steve Prior said...

I resent that! While I was looking for Oracle ODBC drivers on Linux to use with PROLOG, it wasn't to flush the toilet! It might have had something to do with turning on the lights in the living room though...

John Hurley said...

Well since you title your posting Aloha my guess is that your last vacation was Honolulu or somewhere in the area.

I could really use a couple of weeks off. We came back from Canada last month but I only had 11 days in a row away from work ( not that I counted ).

The biggest problem with taking a week off is that you realize 2 weeks or 3 weeks or more are really what you need to relax.

Hey where's the postings from the guys who are taking over. Are they sleeping in?