Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here's something to be aware of. The table_rows column in the information_schema.tables table does not accurately reflect the number of rows in the actual table.

This weekend I was moving a db from one host to another. As a good DBA, I took the row counts from each table I was moving so I could check it on the other side. When the copy was done, I queried information_schema.tables again and dumped the results to a file. Running the two files through diff, I found that almost every table had a different number of rows.

I knew that couldn't be possible because I used a method where nobody had access to these tables when I was doing the copy.

On serverA, the information_schema reported that table1 had 2337 rows. On serverB, the information_schema reported that table1 had 2341 rows after the move. Doing a "SELECT count(*) FROM table1" yeilded 2343 rows on both serverA and serverB.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some Helpful Drupal Resources

The best resource for understanding how Drupal works is actually the handbooks at

Learn By The Drop has some very interesting videos about setting up Drupal and some other basic info to get your site up and working quickly. I browsed their screencast about setting up FCKEditor and was very impressed.

There are also some very interesting screencasts at In fact, I used the Date + Calendar screencast to setup my own event content type.

Lastly, a blog aggregator called PlanetDrupal is also fun to keep up with.

What are some of your favorite Drupal resources?