Sunday, July 31, 2005

Around New York

The Wife and took in a matinee showing of The Lion King (which was spectacular) on Saturday. Our plan was to take a train to New York City, see the show, go to dinner, and be back by the evening. We've been to New York a number of times the last five years, so we've gotten pretty good at getting around town. We're used to crowds, pan handlers, and those annoying hawkers trying to get you on a bus tour.

As we exited the theatre in Times Square, there were lots of people around. I mean LOTS of people. Seems some dingbats with cameras were filming a "man on the street" type reality TV show about fashion faux-pas and everybody wanted to be on. We only had to go four blocks to get to our restaurant and 15 minutes to get there. Fashionistas in training were swarming the cameras so we crossed the street - right under the MTV studio. Some guy was giving away CD's and of course the TRL crowd was grabbing them up by the second. We weren't encouraged by the 1/2 block line outside Bubba Gump, but still pushed on. The next block, we traveled down 45th street and got out of Times Square. A block later it was like a ghost town with hardly any people at all. We finally got to the restaurant only 5 minutes late and had a great dinner and still was able to catch the train at a decent hour. Except for the crowds, a great day.

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Tarry said...

It's a good thing to get out once in a while with the wife. We too have a busy schedule but e make it a point to do it once a month(at least).