Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogger for Word

I am posting this blog entry using the new Blogger for Word add-on.  I downloaded it a couple days ago and tried to get it working, but had problems connecting to  I fired it up today, and voila! It works.

I tried some of the other editors out there, but just found it easier to use the editor, except in cases of posting source code.  Lets see how this comes out:

FOR i IN 1..100 LOOP
   i:= i+1;

OK, that should suffice.  Heck, I already know Word, let me try this for a couple days to see how it goes.


Thomas Kyte said...

I used it to post my 3 part blog on write consistency - since it was already in word.

No links to pictures.
No table support.

two big things I noticed. Otherwise, it did an OK job of rendering my word document.

yas said...

I use it for the new blog i started. I did not try it with pictures but it works without problems in text only messages.

Pete_S said...

Is that word for Linux??? ;-)

Jeff Hunter said...

Is that word for Linux??
OK, I'll admit it. My work laptop is XP because my PC guys won't support Linux.

Tarry said...

Tch Tch Jeff,

Since when are we on Microshoft XP? :-)