Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Recruiting Jack of all Technology

I got a cold call from a recruiter this morning. I was feeling rather playful, so I persued the conversation.

Recruiter: Hi, this is MaryJo Recruiter from XYZ firm. Do you have a couple of minutes to talk to me?
Me: Um, OK.

R: I am looking for a combination Database Administrator/Database Developer/Business Analyst for a financial company.
Me: Let me stop you right there. What kind of money are we talking?

I always like to ask this question to see what the jobs out there are paying.

R: Well, they didn't specify a range. I asked if I found somebody at 80K would they want to look at them and the client said yes.
Me: Oh, so they're really looking for 65K-75K.
R: Probably.
Me: What kind of skills?
R: They want 5 years of Oracle DBA, 5 years using VB and/or MS Access, and business analyst background.
Me: That's a pretty strange combination.
R: The position is not defined very well.
Me: I see.
R: It's a really good company. Would you be interested?
Me: You'd have to triple the money.

I always like to throw out some factor like double or triple to see what they say.

R: Oh....I'll pay referral fees.
Me: I see. I know several people in the industry and know of a couple looking right now. Tell me more about the position.
R: This position would report to the CIO. They would interface with the users to define the project and then implement the project with VB and Access.
Me: OK, so where does Oracle come into the picture?
R: Well, they're thinking they might have a lot of data and they will need Oracle.
Me: Oh. I think you will have a very hard time filling this position. There's not that many BA's that know how to program in VB/Access and setup an Oracle Database.
R: Do you know of anyone that might fit this position? I pay referral fees.
Me: I have a couple people in mind, but they would be more on the technical side.
R: Great! Can I send you my contact information?

So if anybody wants to do VB/Access/Oracle DBA/Business Analyst for $70K in Connecticut, drop me a line.


Robert said...

Oh gosh I used to get this type of calls all of the time.
I was never "annoyed" just amused...heheh VB/Oracle developer+ Crystal Report + Web + Java + BA + yoga guru ;)

No that position is rather unlikely to be taken by an American, (and really not likely to be offered to one), you know what I mean ;)

Jeff Hunter said...

Hey, who knows? If I were retired I'd do it. Sounds like you could help a lot of people if it's done "right".

Jeff Hunter said...

my next word: "tjwqoofh" - I think my dog used to make that sound in the middle of the night.