Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Router and WAP in one

Santa brought me a new NetGear router for Christmas. This particular router has an 802.11g WAP built-in so I don't have to give up an ethernet port for it. The basic setup was really easy and when I customized things like the LAN IP and DHCP addresses it was somewhat easy. The only thing that was somewhat difficult was setting up the WEP. I tried to choose my former Passphrase so I wouldn't have to change the wireless devices, but the router just wouldn't take it because it was the wrong length. The WAP has the ability to run WPA, so I set that up instead. Unfortunately, using WPA precludes me from using my Palm, but browsing on the Palm never really worked well anyway.

The old Linksys WAP is on it's way to the local landfill where it belongs. I'm hanging on to the old Linksys router for a backup.

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