Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Friday

Here I sit, another Friday night in the office.  Tonight’s drama is saying goodbye to the last remaining Oracle database.  

About 18 months ago, we were like firecrackers; an upgrade most every weekend.  We knocked out most of the small (<100G) ones using DBUA.  Then we started on the mission critical stuff; lots of testing and diagnosing query plans that changed for the worse.  Through it all, we learned a lot about 9i and how it was different than 8i.  

Our final database has been a royal pain.  The first time we attempted the upgrade, we ran into OS errors and found out our version of DBUA wasn’t compatible with the OS version.  Instead of upgrading an old machine, we decided to move it to an under utilized machine.  So we attempted again.  Then something went wrong with the upgrade.  So we restored, and researched the problem.  Tonight, (fingers crossed), we’ll be off for good.

On to 10g.


Eddie Awad said...

I'm looking forward to the day when we kiss 8i goodbye, and go straight to 10g. There are so many new features and enhancements in 10g (especially compared to 8i) that makes working on 8i a very boring thing.

Scott P. said...

I will be glad the day comes that our organization will be able to rid itself of Oracle 7.3.4. We still have mission critical applications running on this platform. Unfortunately, it appears that we will have it for two or more years as the applications that use these databases will only talk to Oracle 7 and will not be upgraded any time soon.