Friday, February 03, 2006

What kind of person?

What kind of person breaks your car window just for fun?

I went to the gym this evening and the area where I usually park was full. I circled the lot and saw some teenagers pawing through the dumpsters behind the building, but I didn't think anything about it. By the time I got back to my parking area, there were still no spaces, so I parked in a parking deck nearby. I parked under a light just like you're supposed to do and went in and started my workout.

Twenty minutes into my workout, a message comes over the loudspeaker.

"Will the owner of the car with license plate number XYZ-123 please report to the front desk."

Damn, I must have left my lights on.

I grabbed my keys and headed to the front desk. That's where they told me somebody reported my car was broken into. I went out to find a broken driver side window and my glove box gone through. In fact, the radar detector was still hanging on the windshield and there was loose change in the cup holder.


There was glass everywhere. Inside the car. Outside the car. In fact, there was so much glass down the window, I can't even open the door.

The guys at the gym called the cops and they showed up about 20 minutes later. The cop asked me a couple questions, ran my plates, and gave me a card that had my case number on it. He said I could pick up my Police Report in 4-5 days.

"I'd like to tell you we'll catch the guy that did this, but that'll never happen" was the only thing he could say as he drove away. Maybe I've been watching too much CSI, but no fingerprints? How about a computer simulation of the glass pattern so we can tell how tall the person was? Right. He didn't even get out of the car.

What a hassle. Now I've got to get to a glass shop. On a Saturday. Oh, and it's supposed to rain tonight.

Sure, it was probably those kids. Or maybe some other kids hanging around. What kind of person gets their jollies by breaking car widows?


Anonymous said...

That is still better than having your windshield smashed and all the 4 tires slashed. That happened to me last year right in front of my home where my car was parked on the driveway in a dark evening.

A bunch of kids got together and did that not only to my car, but also to the cars parked in our street, next street, parallel street, ... Over all they damaged ~100 vehicles.

I called the insurance, they did the calculcation in such a way that I wouldnt have gotten any $ from them. It is a very big insurance company and they do collect more than $150/month on insurance every month. I was thinking who the worse group in the incident: The kids or the insurance company?

Michael Dinh said...

I think this has happened to all of us.

My car was broken into and my music tapes were stolen. It must be a shock to the thief to find out the music was not in English.

Raymond said...

A friend of mine had his car radio/cd stolen for the 5th time. However he was sick and tired of buying a new one, so he went out to a "second hand" shop. He inquired if they had model XYZ from Pioneer. The guy went to the back of the shop and came back with the requested model. He bought the car radio. After installing it he discovered that there was still a cd in. He ejected the CD and it was same CD he was missing. He bought his own (stolen) car radio/cd. Now is the question did he commit an offence?