Friday, September 29, 2006

Job Opportunity

Just learned of a great DBA opportunity in the Jersey City area. Contact Evan Lerman from IJC Partners LLC at (212)626-6920. From Evan:



Minimum of three years experience working as a Database Administrator.

Familiarity with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server with emphasis on
Oracle. Knowledge of relational database concepts and standards, best practices and procedures relating to database administration.

Experience in financial industry, insurance industry or law firm a plus. Must have excellent technical skills and knowledge of Unix and Windows operating systems. Strong interpersonal, analytical and troubleshooting skills with superior verbal/written skills are required.

JOB Description:
The Senior Database Administrator directs and controls the activities related to data planning and development, and the establishment of policies and procedures pertaining to its management, security, maintenance and utilization. Sets and monitors standards; ensures that database objects, program data access, procedures and facilities are used properly. Advises management on database concepts and functional capabilities. Position is also responsible for installation and ongoing maintenance of enterprise server operating systems and system management products, as well as coordination of installation and upgrades to enterprise servers. Position also provides on-going production system support and performs other duties, as assigned.

Duties & Skills
A. Business/Application Knowledge
  • Understands the company's general business functions, and has a conceptual understanding of each unit's activities.
  • Has general knowledge of assigned application systems.
  • Comprehends the relationships between business activities and application systems. Is able to determine impact of database changes to the application systems, and vice versa.

B. Technical/Programming Skills
  • Builds and maintains all Corporate database environments.
  • Builds and maintains test database environments.
  • Is responsible for recommending and planning the installation of new releases of database software.
  • Ensures the integrity of all physical database objects and established database procedures.
  • Creates storage groups, databases, tables and views, reviews SQL, develops and enforces database standards.
  • Ensures work is thoroughly tested and smoothly implemented.
  • Is responsible for database performance and capacity monitoring and tuning. Prepares regular capacity analyses for management review.
  • Assists in determining storage procedures for on- and off-site storage of historical data.
  • Assists in establishing backup, recovery and restart procedures.
  • Assesses the need for additional hardware or software to assist in monitoring or performance of database applications.
  • Communicates availability requirements for database accessibility.
  • Coordinates schedules and procedures for the implementation or discontinuance of relational database applications.
  • Provides technical support and basic training in the proper use of production databases to database users.
  • Assists in troubleshooting application problems where database management is an integral element.
  • Mentors junior staff on database management techniques.
  • Installs upgrades and fixes to server operating systems (UNIX, NT, etc)
  • Analyzes and recommends upgrades and/or new acquisitions of hardware to support new systems or growth of existing systems.
  • Coordinates vendor installation of hardware.
  • Installs and utilizes third party system management software to monitor overall server performance and capacity utilization.
  • Designs and implements backup schedules for critical databases.

C. Analysis Skills
  • Provides ongoing research and development activities to investigate new technologies and tools which might be used by Company personnel to more effectively and efficiently perform their jobs.
  • Performs functional evaluations of candidate products.
  • Prepares time and cost estimates for assigned projects.
  • Understands the Company System Lifecycle Methodology, and project development lifecycle.
  • Acts as methodology and process mentor for junior staff, as they prepare project deliverables.
  • Contributes to database design reviews.
  • Develops and maintains a security scheme for the database environments.
  • Assists in disaster recovery planning, testing and execution as needed.
  • Possesses strong understanding of the system deployment process and correlation with database administration responsibilities.
  • Coordinates and conducts database design reviews.
  • Possesses keen troubleshooting and creative problem solving skills.
  • Possesses the ability to translate user needs and projections into system hardware and/or software requirements.
D. Basic Skills
  • Adheres to Company standards and methodology.
  • Adheres to company confidentiality and security requirements.
  • Communicates effectively.
  • Consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity and professionalism.


Anonymous said...

Jersey City area? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

This isn't just a DBA. It's both a DBA and a sysadmin, and it sounds kind of like they want someone to handle everything and the kitchen sink.

DBAs don't normally manage server operating systems, apply patches, and deal with all of that other stuff. Except for perhaps on the actual database server itself, but the position indicates more then that.

Wherever it is, no thanks.