Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oracle Spatial & Wildebeests

Before I make an effort to Blog about Oracle Spatial, Rasters, and Shape files is there anyone who reads this Blog that would benefit from me sharing my experiences with it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my time is valuable and I have better things to do with it. I’m just trying to get a feel for what interests you (the reader). I’m sure there are those of you who would much rather discuss the migration habits of the West African Wildebeest during the dry season or how histograms for join predicates only work if you stick your tongue out in the right place. Sorry Dave, you know I have to mess with you :)

So Often I read peoples blogs and it looks like they threw up a paragraph or two of gibberish just to take up virtual space and to make it look like there’s activity. I refuse to succumb to that. You take the time out of your day/evening to come and pay this place a visit the least thing that the contributors can do is write decent content that will make your time spent here either enjoyable or knowledge gained. Nuff Said?


Anonymous said...

as a former Wildebeest ( a now defunct Dallas Rugby club), I never use Oracle spatial, so I wouldrather discuss how I migrated from Dallas to LA to Philly

chris stephens said...

i certainly would be. we license arc gis here because my manager believes (and is more than likely correct) that spatial is light years behind arc gis.

i've never worked with either but would be interested in reading other peoples experiences.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that there is a high percentage of people that do visit this blog who are actually using that product.

We certainly are not. Out of the 10 oracle shops in my area that I am most familiar with none of them are using it.

Oh well.

Joel Garry said...

As someone who doesn't use these things but has often suddenly had to be an expert on something I know nothing about, my feeling is, blog away. When I do have to use it, then I can find it.

Don't judge the usefulness of blogging by the response, it is entirely possible that many people thank you silently. Content and timeliness are only an artifact of blogging, content by itself is most useful.

Of course, this only applies to technical content blogs, 99+% of general blogging is just crrrrrrrrrrrrap.

I once knew a rich person who stated stock market investor behavior is remarkably like that of the wildebeest. Later his son lost it all because of a gambling problem and had to go to work as a car salesman at 50.

Noons said...

what Joel said!
withj a loud THANK YOU!, by the way.

Pete_S said...

I'd love to see the spatial stuff. Too few people use spatial (or its FOC brother locator) - Oh taht the world changes

David Aldridge said...

>> it looks like they threw up a paragraph or two of gibberish just to take up virtual space and to make it look like there’s activity.

well, we've alll been tempted!