Monday, September 11, 2006

The Ultimate job....

What if you were a gamer and an Oracle DBA, what would be the ultimate job for you? You know a job where you couldn't wait to get to every morning!

I think I found the Holy Grail of jobs (at least in my opinion) and it pains me to see that I have to let this slip through my fingers knowing that if I applied I could get it. I keep convincing myself "No, I don't want to move to California". Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy what I'm doing now but... it's Blizzard *droool*.

Gaming has always been a hobby of mine (when I can find the time). I just recently acquired an old P233 and I slapped a hundred megs of ram with Windoz95 on it so I could play all those old games like MecWarriorII. Here’s the kicker I had an extra Nvidia PIC 125meg video card sitting around and I went to their website to see if they had the drivers for Win95 low and behold they did! So you’ve got 100megs of RAM and 125meg video card with plenty CPU power. The games play great the only thing is you can’t get that high resolution like 1024 X 786 only 800 X 600.

Now for something completely different….

For those of you who are upgrading from 9i to 10g Oracle has this nifty little validation checker that runs a script against your server (Solaris) to ensure all the settings, patches, bla, bla are correct. Well as of Aug 25th it’s no longer valid. Last week I was prepping a server for an upgrade ran the script and everything came back all nice, then on Saturday I was doing the actual install, it’s running its own checks and bam! It tells me I’m all messed up and not to even try installing 10g. Ohhh I was soooo mad! Sure would have been nice to know Oracle de-supported it. Only good thing that came from it all was that I was able to get back home and spend the weekend gaming *wink* hee hee.


gandolf989 said...

Sounds like a pretty intense job to me. I just started working at Carnegie Mellon. Coeds , no pager duty and apps that mostly run from 9-5 what more could you want!!!!

Not that I am of an age where coeds are an option. They certainly aren't an option if I ask my wife! ;)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean about the script?

You ran it last week and it reported back that your system was ready to upgrade.

Then you ran it again just before the upgrade and your system had changed by then?

It's not exactly clear to me what transpired or if changes had been installed on your system in the interim period.

OracleDoc said...

No, I ran the script a week prior to ensure everything was on the up & up then when it came time to do the actual upgrade (meaning launching the runInstaller)the GUI runs its own checks and this is when it all went to hell in a hand basket.

Joel Garry said...

Yeah, I saw that ad pop up on Monster or whatever, but didn't bother because I just don't care about WOW, though it sounds like a cool db to work with - I'd think they might not want a gamer :-) I'm working a couple miles from there. I wouldn't want to move here now, even with the real estate market cooling a nothing special house is near a $M.

OracleDoc said...

I just saw my previous post to anonymous and I didn't elaborate as to what "really" happened. Just to clear the matter up.

When I ran the validation checker one of the checks it makes is to see if the OS patches are up to date. When it was ran it said all the OS patches were up to date. However, when I ran the actual installer it came back and said I was missing around 30 some odd OS patches.

Joel, According to the actual posting it says "An interest in games, ideally World of Warcraft!" so to me that says they want a gamer! :) But, you're right the real estate market is just plain stupid.

Don Seiler said...

Oh god that job sounds so dreamy. I only wish I wasn't a total Oracle hack (even after 5 years of being the de facto Oracle DBA).

And I just got my main char (undead warlock on Shadow Moon) to 60 last night!

I wonder if I could sneak in some late-night SQL jobs to give myself some gear or gold ... ;)

Joel Garry said...

Yeah, I read the post, what I meant was, if they got a gamer they might never get any dba work done! But I suppose, after you've given yourself unlimited gold for a while, it might all seem silly and you'd go back to work. Or maybe if you are playing you can notice and fix the ORA-4030 before everyone goes insane. :-)

Perhaps it's really just a small group of people who want someone with shared interests.

One of my roomates in college circa 1976 published a D&D newsletter, I just didn't have the time to get into it. And now I still don't have time for these things. I guess my priorities are messed up.

word: kilozip

Anonymous said...

Where's all the other postings by the substitute bloggers?

Was everyone watching the Wolverines kick some Irish but?

Jeff Hunter said...

Sounds like a pretty neat environment. I wonder what kind of cash they're looking to part with?