Friday, December 19, 2008


I was asked the other day when I was going to start writing about 11g.

Quite frankly, I literally just got everything off 9i last weekend. The final thorn in my side of Oracle Applications was started at the close of business on Friday and lingered on to the wee hours of Saturday morning. It took about 18 months and my standard install of 10g has 23 patches applied, but finally I have a consistent environment on 10g.

And lets face it, 10g is a pretty darn good product once it's patched. The combination of 10g and the Linux 2.6 kernel is really a rock solid platform with a laundry list of features that you'll probably never need.

I'm keeping abreast of what's new in 11g and I haven't really seen anything compelling that piques my curiosity enough to even install it. Maybe my opinion will change when the calendar flips over and we have some of that mythical "free" time, but for now, I'll be sticking to 10g topics.


Cristian said...

I agree with you about stability of 10g on Linux (in my little experience). On the other hand i've made same test with 11gR1 and it is not so solid. It seems that patchset corrects some problems, but in my opinion 11g still remains a jump in the dark.

Aman Sharma said...

Whenever you want,it will be a must-read for me and I am sure, for many many others as well.

DomBrooks said...

I think if someone's thinking about upgrading from 9i then is worth a thought but if you're already on 10g especially 10gR2 then there's very little compelling about 11g. We're on 11g at my current client - very few issues. But it smells like 10gR3.

Noons said...

I'm up to 6 patches to,
just wondering what patches you have installed so far?
11g won't even be in my scope for another year, at the rate I'm finding bugs in 10g...