Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Favorite Metalink Articles

When you answer questions in public forums, you typically end up either the same question many times or pointing the poster to a particular slice of the documentation or a Metalink document. Some of the more frequently suggested documents and tools I use from Metalink:

Why is my index not used?
ORA-600/7445 Lookup Facility
Backup & Recovery FAQ
Semaphors & Shared Memory Explained
Shared Memory
Kernal Parameters and how they relate to Oracle
Wait Event Description
How to deal with deadlocks (ORA-00060)
Connection Manager and Firewalls
Using truss
Locking and Latching FAQ
Critical Patches


Anonymous said...

That's a handy set of links Jeff. Thanks for posting it.

Herod T said...
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Herod T said...

I have some saved locally as PDF, I know of the others, except for using truss. I will have to read that one.


Anonymous said...

great set of links, cheers.

Anonymous said...

The iron man in Oracle Techno... way to go Jeff...what is without the SuperG...

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these useful links. Hopefully they will be useful.