Monday, November 21, 2005

I find myself using and to get directions to places I don't typically frequent. If I'm going to 3 or 4 places, I find these mapping sites to be a pain because you have to get directions from point 1 to point 2, point 2 to point 3, point 3 to point 4, etc. It gets pretty tedious. I've often thought to myself, why can't I put in all my addresses and get directions?

Then I came across You can put up to 5 destinations and get your directions all at once.

There are a couple improvements I'd like to see to the site. First, I could only get the map to display with IE, and not every time.

Also, right now you can specify the order in which you want to visit your destinations. However, I think it would be nice to put all my addresses in and let the software calculate the order I should visit them in order to maximize my time.

Check it out, see what you think.


Cleric said...

If you can only enter 5 addresses, how come it's map24? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe their goal is a version that can handle 24 addresses, but they've only figured out 5 so far. Or perhaps, they like the number 24.

Ooh, the NP-comlpete problem of the traveling salesman!!! Which route between x destinations has the least distance if you can visit each destination. 5 destinations should be pretty easy (only 24 possible combinations given a fixed starting location of "home")

Jeff Hunter said...

(only 24 possible combinations given a fixed starting location of "home")
hence the 24, perhaps?

Howard J. Rogers said...

Jeff: I think the link to in your main entry is broken.

Howard J. Rogers said...

Oh, and it's not much cop if you're not in North America, is it??!!!!


Jeff Hunter said...

I think the link to in your main entry is broken.
Thanks for that. And yeah, its not much help if you're not in one of the countries mapped.

Anonymous said...

Good point jeff. I was trying to think of reasons for the 24 and didn't realize I typed 24 for the number of combinations. *doh*

Michal said...

For me it worked in Firefox and Opera as well, not just in IE.