Friday, November 25, 2005

My First MySQL "Doh"!

Getting into a support type role with some developers using MySQL. One particular developer wanted to use the "LOAD DATA INFILE..." command to load some data from a text file.

I think to myself, "No problem, just grant the FILE privilege".

He tells me "LOAD DATA INFILE" still doesn't work. After a little head-scratching, I pull out MySQL by Paul DuBois and realize it only works from the server and not from the client. Doh. (Although the "Access denied" error was pointing me to the MySQL maze known as privileges).


Mike Hillyer said...

Take a look at LOAD DATA LOCAL:

Allows for a file on the client machine to be loaded.

Jeff Hunter said...

Thanks for the tip, I need to investigate. I'm not really keen on letting users on the server itself, so this could come in handy.

Jeff Hunter said...

last comment deleted, spammer.