Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Upgrading Oracle Applications

I've been working on a huge project the last few months. We're upgrading to Oracle Applications version 11.5.9 from a much-much-older version of 11.5. One thing that I've never liked about the adpatch program is that it is an interactive session expecting someone to be actively monitoring it's progress. For example, when applying the 11.5.9 monster patch, adpatch goes for about 6 hours and then asks the question "Do you want to continue?". Great. I left the office two hours ago and it will be about 8 more before I get back. Ten wasted hours. At least I'll know I have to stick around for six hours when I apply it to production...


Tim... said...

That's what webcams and wifi kit are for!

Shame on you, forgetting to set up a remote monitoring service like that before leaving the office :)



Arian said...

Ehm.... is that in non-interactive mode? Then it sounds like you just ran into an error, and adpatch really needs your attention.

I usually run adpatch non-interactive and unattended, started by a scheduler. When testing shows, there is an error that I can skip, I usually remove the job from the driver file.



Anonymous said...

Only 6 hours. When I ran an upgrade from 11.5.5 to 11.5.9 on windows (ok why would you, but heck the clients choice not mine), The monster patch/upgrade ran for 28 hours continuesly and this was only on a database of 40gb. Go figure.