Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More WAP Worries

It happened again. My WAP lets me connect for about 15 minutes and then all of a sudden goes away. I try rebooting, resetting, and everything else but still no dice. I can't believe I spent another 3 hours on this last night. Time for a new Router/WAP.

Ideally, I'd like a WAP and Router all in one. The WAP would have to support WEP or some other authentication/encryption protocol since I live in a high density area. The router would have to support DHCP, which I think most do. Does anybody have any recommendations?


Thomas Kyte said...

I just bought a linksys wireless-g broadband router with "speed booster".

I had a netgear - but it stopped working two weeks ago for no reason.

I had a belkin pre-n router, but it won't let me VPN in when I'm wireless (but if I plug into the router directly I can). It is my backup device now.

the linksys is working fine (very nicely in fact) but I found the setup of it to be by far the hardest of all three (even though it was the third one I configured!). Not intuitive.

Tim... said...

I've got a Belkin Wireless ADSL Router and it's totally easy to use.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest using mac address access instead of WEP encryption. WEP encrypts all data before it send or receiveds and makes things slower. Most newer routers/WAP have this feature.

Howard J. Rogers said...

I have a netgear, and it works beautifully (Tom's experience notwithstanding).

I used to have network troubles with a Belkin whenever the power would dip slightly. Not enough to reboot the computers, but enough to make the Belkin get 'stuck', and stop working, even though all the lights were on. Doesn't happen with the Netgear now, but that might have something to do with the power surge protection and cleanser that got installed, too.

I'd certainly be looking at clean power supplies as a possible cure if I were you.

Ian Murphy said...

Hi Jeff,

I use Netgear equipment at home (separate router / wireless point) and just put in a combined Netgear router/WAP for my Mum (who is somewhat illiterate in all things technical).

Have to say they've worked like a charm. I think I've had to hard reboot my router twice in 2 1/2 years!



Doug Burns said...

Netgear for me too - a DG824GT. I've had tons of problems with Wireless ADSL routers - mainly range difficulties caused by the large houses and thick walls in central Edinburgh, but this one has been rock-solid since I got it. Highly recommended.